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We Treat Your Pets Like Family

As you move into the back room of the facility, you will find yourself looking at approximately 2,000 square feet of epoxy-finished non-skidding floor. With 17 available kennels ranging in size from 3×4 foot, 4×6 foot, and 6×6 foot all with disinfected raised flooring and your pet’s personal baby mattress. Boarding pets will be walked three times daily, and have availability of personal playtime, treats, gourmet meals, and a multitude of other additional services and pampering! Our spacious suites offer plenty of room if you have multiple dogs who prefer to sleep and play together! Both dry and canned formulas are available. Meals are served in the morning for those guests fed once a day and, additionally, in the late afternoon for those requesting meals twice a day. Arrangements can be made if your pet is on a specific feeding schedule or has special requirements.

Further, into the space, you will find our cat room, separated from the possible commotion of training classes, and barking dogs. Inside the sound-dampened cat room, there are 8 available feline condominiums with built-in ledges for those who like to perch high and observe their surroundings. Your feline friends will be offered full access to meals unless otherwise noted, as sometimes we know cats can randomly pick at their food. Litter changes 2-3 times daily as needed, as well as regular water changes will keep your furry friends pleased and as comfortable as possible. Also available are extra services, pampering, and tuna treats that you can choose to add to your cat’s stay. With a subtle background of classical music, we will work our hardest to make sure your cat experiences as little stress as possible during their stay.

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Additional Feline
(Shared) - $20.00/night

Canine <40 lbs.

Additional Canine 0-40 (Shared) - $20.00/night

Canine 40-80 lbs.

Additional Canine 40-80 (Shared) - $20.00/night

Canine >80 lbs.

Additional Canine >80 (Shared) - $20.00/night

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